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Natalie is a third generation Arizona native, small business owner, and mother of three. Raised in the East Valley, Natalie Di Bernardo is passionate about the people and issues relevant to her home state.  Her parents were local pastors for 40 years and she was raised in a home that taught her to be a servant of the community.  

Professionally, Natalie has been a successful realtor in the Valley for 17 years and has been a recipient of WESERV’s 40 under 40 award. She and her family started a nonprofit, low-cost preschool and daycare to serve Gilbert’s families. The school provides a trauma informed school model that focuses on creating resiliency and provides support to families with foster children. Natalie also helps local small business owners start up their companies and uses her expertise to mentor, train and provide operational guidance to fellow entrepreneurs.  

Natalie is a mother to one daughter, two sons and a pet-parent to two poodles and a horse named Paco. When she has spare time, she enjoys training her horse, watching her daughter practice her golf swing, and cheering at her sons’ football, games. Natalie is deeply rooted in her community as a parent, businesswoman, voter, and advocate for families who have been impacted by domestic violence. Natalie believes that District 14 and Arizona will be best served by leaders who are willing to connect and listen to the people those leaders represent.  

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