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​I am committed to the values that have made Arizona such a desirable place to live, raise families, and grow businesses.  My plans to run for office in 2024 were accelerated when I realized the need to ensure logical conservative values in the legislature. The time is now to empower the voters, breakdown bureaucratic barriers, and implement real change for our state. Arizona is facing critical issues, such as water, immigration, and education that will require multilateral support to resolve. We must address our water crisis with innovative solutions and effective legislation that will ensure that Arizona’s economic interests and agricultural vitality are preserved. I'm a fiscal conservative and believe the power of the people should remain at the lowest level of government possible. There are over 550,000 small business in Arizona. Our prosperity depends on businesses that thrive, and it's vital that our legislature ensures that businesses have freedom from the excessive regulations that discourage innovation and stymies growth. This election and the decisions that will be made in this upcoming term will have significant effects on our way of life. Vote for Natalie DiBernardo and let’s get to work to create a better Arizona for generations to come. 

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