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Where I Stand

Border Security
The situation at the border is dire and dangerous for Americans and Mexicans.  According to the DEA “more than 90% of the fentanyl on U.S. streets crosses the Mexican border". Drug Cartels and human traffickers are terrorizing communities, and it is time they are labeled as the terrorist they are. The Biden administration has refused to do their job and enforce current laws. The Arizona Legislature must act urgently to create Arizona state laws that enable our local law enforcement to protect Arizona’s citizens. We must protect our borders and increase border security to ensure safety for all people.

Education & School Choice
As a parent, I have firsthand experience navigating our public (district and charter) and private school systems. My children attended all types of these schools until we found the right school for my children. I am a firm believer that parents should have the freedom to make decisions regarding their children and their children's education. The traditional, one style fits all learning model is antiquated and hasn't worked for Arizona which is why I am an advocate for the expansion of school choice programs.  The state needs to amends its 35-year-old school funding formula so that we can create a more comprehensive plan for school funding, and we must move to a model where the funding follows the student and not the system. We currently have a system where there is too much bureaucracy and so many hands are on the money that is allocated to our children that by the time our children and teachers see the funding it has whittled down to half its value.  I believe that teachers and students should have the funding they need to provide and obtain a quality education and that our children deserve a world class education. Schools should be a safe place for all children. I would like to see our schools produce educated and resilient young people that are able to use their skills not only educationally but to better their daily lives. Having a strong education system is critical since Gilbert is the youngest Town in the country with an average age of just 33 years old.

2nd Amendment
I am a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment. Having the ability to protect our families is our constitutional right and I will make sure that our legislation supports that right.

Victim Advocacy & Domestic Violence

I am a fierce advocate for victims and victims of Domestic Violence. In 2017, I lost my eldest to an act of domestic violence. That tremendous loss has left a hole in my life that can never be filled. Her death directed me on a path of victim advocacy and I am passionate about preventing other families from having to experience what our family went through. According the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, domestic violence cases increased by 25-33 percent globally in 2020 and it is imperative that we tackle mental health issues related to violence as well as provide victims protection under the law.

Support Our First Responders

We are privileged to have such a wonderful group of first responders in Gilbert. Police and Fire stand on the front lines to protect and serve our community, and we must do the same for them. I will work to provide increased funding for healthcare costs related to firefighters’ cancer treatments, pass legislation increasing penalties for assaulting our first responders, and work to increase funding for our Second Responders who often go unrecognized. I will help bring awareness and help to first responder related PTSD and support their efforts to take care of first responders physical and emotional well-being to ensure that they can continue to serve our communities in the excellent way they have.  These heroes lay it all on the line for us every single day, and we must support them.

Securing Arizona's Water Future

Arizona is facing critical water supply issues. Lake Mead, where we store 40% of our water, is being drained faster than it can be replenished. Projections show that if no actions are taken Lake Mead could reach a critical level within the next few years and would have a devastating impact on Arizona’s communities, agriculture, environment, and economy. Arizona must have innovative water management, conservation, efficiency, and reuse in the short-term. In the long-term Arizona must look at innovative collaboration with neighboring states and countries in efforts to establish desalination plants that benefit Arizona. We must also require the state land department to be held accountable and responsible for the leasing of state land to foreign farmers without any management of the water those foreign owned farms are using. Arizona must ensure that we are creating sustainable infrastructure for our children and children’s children.


I have been pro-life my entire life.  I believe part of the pro-life agenda needs to include foster care reform and we  need to make our best effort to walk with mom's and birthing mothers in times of need. Life is precious. 

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